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About me...

I am a creative soul, a loving mom of 3 children, a dog mother, a nature lover, a crystal collector, a flower obsessor and an empathic listener... I love to chant and play all kinds of sounds to create healing vibrations! 


My life is lead by my heart and I have dedicated my life to live my soul path with all its gifts and responsibilities it holds.


I'm incredibly interested and passionate about human evolution and the dramatically shifting of human consciousness and how that impacts the collective systems and structures we are globally living from, reconstructing and creating.


Over the past years I have learned to reclaim my feminine divine sexuality with all its "goddess power" and when I started to understand how tremendously it impacts life on all levels I received the calling to support women on exactly this awakening path.

I live for the moment when I see my clients realize and embrace their true feminine divine power, when they realize that a profound connection to their own sexuality will open the portal to infinite wisdom and power! 

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